The Ancient Healing art & Science of Ayurveda and How to use it on a daily basis!



 25 - 29 th of June in Northampton/England with

Dr. Kamalroop Singh & Marie Guilliams

Book in the 25 th - 29 th of June to come and join Kamalroop Singh and myself for a life changing, relaxing and rejuvenating retreat that takes place at Kamalroops home in Northamton/England. We will dig into the science of Ayurveda and how you can use the knowledge on a practical level  to create a better balance in everday living. Kundaliniyoga, mantra, BreathWalk and pranayam will also be on the schedule.

Investment for full board: 400 Euro.

Limited spots!

If intrested, drop a line or contact Kamalroop on Whatsapp +447380188467

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Ayurvedic content during the Retreat: 
The Ayurvedic/Yoga view of the mind, body and spirit. 
The Human Constitution. 
What your pulse indicates - every participant will have their pulse read
Daily techniques and routines to increase well being. 
Managing diet on a daily basis - Rasa, Virya and Vipak
Guide to six tastes and their therapeutic actions. 
Herbal remedies. 
Techniques to Detox.
The root cause of disease. 
The process of healing. 
Advanced detoxing techniques (panchakarma). 

AgniDeva - The God of Fire

Agni is considered the fire whilst the God of fire, Agnideva is considered the energy behind the physical fire. He has two faces; one is creation, the other is destruction.  The creation of new cells and destruction of old cells is governed by agni. Agnideva has three tongues representing the three gunas ; sattva (equilibrium), rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia).  They also represent the three doshas: vata (movement), pitta (transformation), and kapha (structure).The God, Agnideva, is also shown as having seven extremities, which are the seven dhatus (or tissues).  Each dhatu has it's own agni component.  Agnideva has three legs: one leg is the physical body, the second is the mental body, the mind, and the third is consciousness.