Våga Yoga Nu 


Våga Yoga Nu has since 2009 offered an overall concept in holistic health within ayurveda- and yogas classic therapeutic techniques. 

Ayurveda and yoga are twin sciences. Classic Yoga is about transforming the five elements with the goal to transform energy blockages effectively. A science of Self - realization aimed at relieving the diseases of body and mind. Active yoga styles need a complete lifestyle program - meditation, mantra, diet, herbs, relaxtion, joy - to balance their benefits and that's exactly what ayurveda teachers us. To find peace within and live in harmony with alla parts of being spirital and human.  

As human spirits having an physical experience, we are meant to always be in movement, always changing, always reaching towards our ideals. Våga Yoga Nu offers services to find that flow within on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Våga Yoga Nu is a combined training and holistic health company based in Västerås/Sweden that offers services both onsite and online, in Swedish and English, to individuals and companies. In collaboration with other yoga studios and holistic companies, the services can also be offered in other locations in the country and abroad.

Regardless of the reason for the interest in yoga or Ayurveda, you will always find something within the principles that makes you feel better in your everyday life! 



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